Four qualities our school clients have in common (and one they don’t).

Though our school clients might not always know each other personally, they tend to have much in common. Beyond school size, headcount, or even geography, Pedestal Foods schools share specific, important qualities that lead to great partnerships. 

That’s not a coincidence. Like many mid-sized businesses, we realized a long time ago that we’re not for everyone… but we’re perfect for a specific group of someones. That choice to work with our “just right” clients keeps us nimble, rooted in our values, and true to our mission to be a blessing to all we serve. 

You’re a small to mid-sized organization. 

We love a school of a certain size because we have size in common: we’re big enough to offer outstanding services and opportunities but small enough to maintain a distinctive culture and level of personal attention. 

You care about the dining experience.

Our school partners see dining services as an important part of the student experience and a program worth investing in. Our teams care immensely for our students and work hard to become part of the school community, and we work with schools that encourage and welcome that level of commitment and participation. 

You’re ready for a partner, not just a vendor.

Our school partners want us in the mix beyond the lunch rush. They’re looking for a partner who can integrate into their big-picture work and provide real value, not just transactional tasks. The truth is, we get bored if we’re not out there solving challenging problems and linking arms with our partners to meet their specific goals. 

You’re a God-Centered organization. 

This one’s simple—God-centered organizations have a special way of doing things, and we get it, because we’re one, too. Our schools are looking for a partner who will not only understand their mission but live and embody it, too. 

You have a vision for growth. 

Our clients aren’t “status quo” people. They’re always dreaming up ways to make processes and programs stronger than the day before and are driven by a vision to make their organization the very best it can be. 

What do they NOT have in common?

They don’t share an identity. Every Pedestal Foods school is different, special, and wholly unique. From local traditions and food preferences to overall school culture, head counts, and budgets, our schools represent a wide range of goals and challenges. No two schools’ managed food service programs are alike—each partnership is custom-built and created to get more specific and tailored as time goes on. 


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