Incorporating a God-centered culture in corporate life.

As a God-centered company, we at Pedestal Foods—like all Lumina Foods companies—naturally do things a little differently. Our faith is baked into our culture and our values, and our teams are more spiritually like-minded than most. To us, being a God-centered company means more than some nice-sounding words on the wall and a nice-sounding paragraph in the employee handbook. 

One of the ways we live our God-centered mission is by praying before every staff meeting or gathering. It’s a commitment our founder, Britt Hunt, made on day one and a ritual we never, ever skip. Even when we’re in a hurry, or we’re overwhelmed, or when tensions are high. In fact, that’s when we need it the most. 

Prayer at Pedestal Foods is never mandatory, but always present. Those 60 seconds of spiritual checking-in make all the difference in how we do business. 

Here’s why: 

A quick prayer roots us in our values and our purpose as a company. 

It prepares our hearts and minds to move in the direction of “Being a Blessing to all we Serve,” our mission and rallying cry. Starting our time together grounded in our mission and our calling keeps that mission top of mind in all decisions, plans, and next steps we create together. 

We call in the guidance we need. 

Stopping to pray together brings us closer to God, and helps us listen closer to the messages and nudges all around us. That quick prayer opens our leaders, teams, and individual staff to the wisdom and direction that’s there for all of us—all the time!—if we just listen. 

We get the gratitude flowing. 

Our weekly staff meetings kick off with a group prayer of thanks, where every person in the room is invited to share a gratitude for something in their lives. Not only do we shift our perspective to one of thanks and praise, but we also create a moment of connection. Taking the time to share our gratitude opens windows into each others’ lives, so that we might know, love, value, and support each member of our Pedestal Foods and Lumina Foods families. 

And lastly, prayer lifts us all.  

Including open prayer in our work culture encourages and reminds us all to pray for each other, in work and in personal life. Having the prayers of an entire company family behind you, cheering you on and carrying you through good times and bad? That’s an employee benefit you don’t find very often. 

What about your company or organization? Do you incorporate open prayer into your day-to-day operations? How do you live your faith and values at work?