Why Pedestal Foods®?

Listening. Evaluating. Constantly Improving.

Together we will create an evolving program designed to flex and grow with your school’s changing needs. Your challenges are unique to your school- why should your dining program be any different?

No Surprise Approach

There’s integrity in every decision we make. We offer total transparency, pulling back the curtain on managed food service, openly sharing  financials and pricing to challenges and solutions.

We make the dining program a selling point for your school by focusing on the whole student and transforming your current dining space into a unique and engaging dining experience. Our goal is to further your school’s brand and feed your student’s mind and body so they are prepared for the day.

Our mission, vision and values are uniquely built to be lived every day. As a faith-based company, we use our faith as a guide to align and integrate with your campus culture through our staff, programs and leadership support. Your dining program will feel uniquely yours. We’re proud to partner with like-minded organizations to create value-based partnerships.

Working with Pedestal Foods you’ll receive unmatched support that you won’t get anywhere else. We hire a dedicated staff that handles all the details of running a successful dining service program which allows us to be part of your school’s community and you to focus on what matters most- your students.

We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We will continue to innovate and always bring something fresh for your students from new menu items to fresh events.

Why Our Partners Choose Us

“My favorite thing about Pedestal Foods is their flexibility and desire to work closely with us to accommodate the frequently changing situations in the school community.”


Partner with us!

Does your school need a strong partner who will work with you and integrate into your school’s culture and create a worry-free dining service program?