At Pedestal Foods, our company’s core values are more than a plaque on the wall. They’re baked into everything we do at every school and location around the Midwest and Southeast. 

As part of that commitment to our values, we make it a point to recognize team members who embody those values through our Pin Program. 

Our teams regularly nominate and celebrate each other, but this quarter, one team member received THREE separate nominations for exemplifying several of our core values, all at once. 

Over the past several months, Roger Collum has been a crucial part of bringing our strategic brand partnerships to life – a process that can be chaotic and challenging, even when everything goes exactly as planned. Roger’s leadership and can-do attitude were on full display this spring when the program was short-staffed; Roger saw the need and instantly switched gears to fill the gaps, leveraging his food service and leadership skills as if he’d been there all along. 

Hear what our team leaders have to say about Roger: 

Roger is unbelievable!  We were fortunate to have him come help open our location for the fall semester.   Not only has Roger been a resource for training and developing the team, but he has also covered so many working hours to keep the store going during the opening.  He never complains- about anything.   His response is always, “This is what we do.”   He is such a strong example of Commitment, Discipline, Unity, and Integrity.   We could not be more grateful to have Roger on our team.

Roger has been an outstanding support for this unit. He is always the first on the scene to help anyone who needs a helping hand.  On Saturday, we were very short-handed and needed a cook.  Roger changed and jumped in as if he had been trained to work with this brand for months.  He supported the manager and even helped assemble a catering order for 130 guests.  Whenever Roger is asked to do something, the answer is always YES.   


Thanks for all you do, Roger – you are truly a blessing to Pedestal Foods and the Lindenwood University team! 


What is the Pedestal Foods Pin Program?

As part of our ongoing commitment to celebrating our people, the Pedestal Foods Pin Program encourages managers to recognize staff who go above and beyond to demonstrate our company values. Each nominee is presented with a pin to wear, celebrating their contributions to our culture of Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Discipline, Unity, Gratitude, and Innovation.