We’re so excited to welcome Aaron Wall to the Pedestal Foods Family! 

Aaron is our Director of Business Development, and it already feels like he’s been here forever. He brings great energy to our sales team with his fun, easygoing attitude and genuine interest in making our clients’ food service dollars work harder, now and in the future. 

We sat down with Aaron to ask him a few questions so you can get to know him, too. 


Eight things to know about Aaron Wall: 


He’s a Food Service Veteran.

“I began my career as a dishwasher in a four-star restaurant. I spent almost the next 20 years working my way up through the ranks into various leadership roles—My last role in the consumer food service field was as a multi-unit manager for Buffalo Wild Wings. I loved working in the casual dining industry and learned so much about managing people, what it means to put customers first, and what people need when it comes to dining. It’s not just about food.”

He “gets” school meals.

“Bringing high-quality food to students is an opportunity I can wake up every day and be passionate about. Growing up, lunch was standard public school fare: rectangle pizza, bland meat and vegetables, and milk in a paper carton. Today, my daughter goes to a small school where the lunch is primarily restaurant delivery. This means the food is lukewarm, with no variety or options weekly– not much better than my experience. 

I’m excited to work with schools that want to serve their students not just quality meals but a high-quality, nutritious dining experience delivered with love and intention. Lunch should be a high point of the day, not a chore.”

He’s ready to lead. 

“In my 20 years in this field, the thing I’m proudest about is being able to mentor young managers and team members. From my short time here, I can see that Pedestal Food’s Food Service Units are full of talented, hard-working folks. I’m excited to do everything I can to help others on my team grow personally and professionally.”

He loves the thrill of the hunt. 

“I have fun buying and selling pretty much anything with wheels. At this point, I’ve bought and sold hundreds of cars, trucks, boats, buses, u-haul trucks, and motorcycles. I love learning about them, tracking them down, getting a great deal, and moving them along into their next phase. “

He’s into the culinary classics.

“My absolute favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner. There’s no dish more perfect than mashed potatoes and gravy, hands down. If we were going to make Thanksgiving *really* amazing, I might switch out the turkey for a perfectly cooked Wagyu ribeye steak… but I do love a juicy bird. Family around the table makes it that much better.“ 

He’s all about the Pedestal Foods mission.

“I believe God led me to Pedestal Foods to impact the lives of those I encounter. The company’s values and beliefs really do come through in the actions and culture of the people here. I wake up each day to be a blessing to those I work for and with, and I’m honored to work with a team who does the same.”

He has an entrepreneurial spirit. 

“I started my first company when I was 11 years old with a $200 loan from my grandpa. I bought a snowblower and towed it behind the family lawnmower on a homemade wagon. When it would snow, I’d drive around the neighborhood, knock on doors, and charge $20 to clear driveways. I learned some great lessons through that experience that still guide me today!” 

He has a hankering for adventure. 

“I love traveling and experiencing new places and different cultures. Visiting every continent is at the top of my bucket list.”


Help us welcome Aaron to the Pedestal Foods family. He’s a genuinely dynamic professional who has already brought so much to our team, our clients, and our company culture. If you have the pleasure of meeting him virtually or in person, be sure to ask him about his brief amateur MMA stint, his esports video game victories… or what it’s like to parasail behind a Chevy S10 truck. 


Welcome, Aaron!