Three ‘Super Strategies’ for Boosting Efficiency in your Dining Program

As a specialized managed food service provider, we talk a lot about efficiency with our clients and our readers– and we make efficiency promises every day to our clients and customers. 

But what does efficiency really look like in a private school dining scenario? Does it mean faster service? Reduced costs? Smoother processes or clearer marketing? 

The answer is all of the above. 

When we talk about efficiency at Pedestal Foods, we’re talking about any process or approach that helps our schools make the most of their time, resources, and talent. 

Efficiency doesn’t have to feel institutional or cold; it doesn’t mean cutting corners or being rigid in your processes and procedures. It’s actually quite the opposite: becoming more efficient can actually create more opportunities for your program, your school, and your students to thrive.

Your dining program is built for efficiency if it:


Saves money.  

An efficient dining program generates less food waste, minimizes downtimes, and makes it easier to forecast your school’s resources.

 Improves student experience.

An efficient dining program calms the chaos of student mealtimes. A calmer environment gives students and staff the mid-day respite they need and reduces stress overall. Faster service means more time eating and socializing, and less time waiting. 

 Makes room for creativity. 

When your dining program makes the most of its time, resources, and talent, you can spend less time reacting to issues and more time exploring new ideas and features to add value to your program.


Super Strategies for Efficiency

At Pedestal Foods, we’ve had the pleasure of working with private K-12 schools and universities of all shapes and sizes. Our “secret sauce” is helping our clients find ways to become more efficient AND add value to their dining program. 

Here are our three go-to efficiency boosters for a stronger, happier dining experience: 

Self-serve stations

Eliminate the lunch line bottleneck with standalone self-serve stations that allow students and staff to seek and find the tastes they’re hungry for. Think salad bar, soup stand, or stir-fry station. Diners get exactly what they want, and faster. Plus, who doesn’t love a little bit of independent decision-making in the middle of the day? 

Branded Menus

Make decisions easy and fun with branded menus designed to streamline decision-making. Group dishes by flavor, diet, or convenience – think Italian Kitchen, Vegetarian Garden, or Grab-and-Go – so students and staff can easily narrow their options and choose what they need faster and easier. 

Streamlined meal plans

Creating menu routines is easier—and less boring—than you think! Stop reinventing the wheel with a from-scratch menu each month and start rotating favorite dishes on a predictable schedule. You’ll be able to order ingredients more efficiently, staff more accurately, and get more bang for your buck. Students and staff will actually appreciate a fun, comfortable routine they can count on. Once you get into a groove, you’ll find students and staff looking forward to Taco Tuesday or Fresh Friday!  


What ideas have you tried to make your dining program more efficient? Leave your tips and ideas in the comments below! 


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