Honest Feedback Creates Valuable Engagement for Schools and Students.

At Pedestal Foods®, we strive to promote a positive and respectful dining experience in every K-12 and higher education institution we serve. That means asking for ongoing feedback, listening to what students have to say, and most importantly, acting on those insights.

Your students are important to you; they matter to us, too.
We want to know—candidly and often— what they think of our program. Here’s how we get honest answers and valuable, unfiltered feedback:

Student Ambassador Program
We put student representatives in regular, direct contact with on-site management staff to make improvements, solve issues and work to serve your student body together.

Ongoing Satisfaction Surveys
We’ll regularly deploy and track formal surveys to best understand students, faculty and staff experiences with our services so we can acknowledge and meet their needs.

Event Ideas, Student Cooking Courses, and More!
From specialized on-campus events and celebrations to engaging activities and opportunities, Pedestal Foods is committed to enriching the learning experience in creative ways.

Ready to give your students a seat at the table? 

They’re just waiting to be invited.