Mandy McPherson

Chief Strategy and People Officer

“I’ve learned to never minimize the impact that you can have on people as a leader.”

As Chief Strategy and People Officer, Mandy leads the strategic planning and execution process for the overall Lumina Foods®  organization. As a part of her role, Mandy uses the experience she gained throughout her human resources career as a leadership coach and developer of people to provide strategic oversight of all business operations for the company. Before moving into her current role, Mandy began her journey with the Lumina Foods Family as the Vice President, Human Resources, where she led the human resource function for all the businesses within the Lumina Foods family of companies.

Once envisioning herself as a law school candidate, Mandy fell in love with the human resources field during her exposure to the field in her college years. After graduation, she began building a career in the field and by the time she joined TBHC Delivers®  in October of 2012, she was well prepared for her role as a developer and coach of leaders, managers and employees. Even though her role has grown within the organization, that is still a position she never takes for granted. “I’ve learned to never minimize the impact that you can have on people as a leader,” she says. “It’s impact has been demonstrated to me over and over again: time spent coaching, mentoring or developing others can have a major influence not just on the person’s professional success but can impact the whole person down the road.” As a Certified Career Development Coach, she sees that influence every day at Lumina Foods. “I am grateful for the opportunity to come to work each day and help others grow so they are then equipped to one day help other leaders grow. When you think about the lasting influence you can have as a leader from that perspective, it truly gives you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to help others succeed.”

Outside of her professional role, Mandy is a devoted wife, daughter, sister, aunt of two and dog mom – all jobs she also takes very seriously. She not only shares our focus on being a blessing to our partners in her professional life, but also holds mission-driven causes close to her heart in her personal life, as well. Mandy supports many causes through her and her family’s involvement with their church, including teaching a children’s Sunday school class and helping with causes that support community outreach to share God’s word and help those who are less fortunate.