(Surprise! Food service skills didn’t make the list)

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: our people are our greatest asset at Pedestal Foods. From managers and chefs to line cooks and cashiers, we’re looking for a specific type of person to represent our company in the world. So what is that thing—that special mix of qualities—that makes us, US?


Hire for fit, train for skill

We build training into everything we do, because we hire people we know we want to retain for the long haul. Once we find those people, we strive to create opportunities for them to grow with us. Many of our hires have moved up the ladder into management and even executive positions, building their journey on skills they learned as Pedestal Foods employees. 

We are firm believers that people can be trained to do anything; it’s their mindset and culture fit that really matters. Do they gel with the rest of the team? Does their attitude lift others? Do they strive to be a blessing to everyone they serve? 

Focusing on soft skills and personality traits ensures our investment in people is an investment in our culture and our company. 


5 things Pedestal Foods employees have in common

So what are those skills and traits we’re looking for? What do our people all have in common? 

It’s simple: our best employees embody our mission, vision and values. 


Our people are creative.

This ties back to our core value of Innovation. Pedestal Foods employees take their role and make it their own, constantly thinking of new solutions and ideas. They welcome others’ input, value their teammates’ ideas, and find satisfaction in solving current—and future—challenges. 

Our people are strong performers.

They embody our core value of Discipline. Pedestal Foods team members are wired to do the job and do it well, no matter what. They are committed to learning the new skills we teach them so they can deliver on our promises. They’re driven by a positive attitude and a desire to improve every day. 

Our people are accountable.

Commitment and Integrity—two of our core values—are a big part of what makes a Pedestal Foods team member special. To make it as part of our team, they have to be committed to holding themselves accountable, so they don’t have to be held accountable by others. In short, our people do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it. Period. 

Our people are passionate. 

This one’s simple; it ties back to our core value of Excellence. Pedestal Foods team members are committed to doing the job right and doing it well, no matter how big or small the task. 

Our people are team players. 

Unity is one of our most important core values; on a day-to-day level, that means teamwork is an essential part of our success story as a company. We know that “one bad apple” adage to be true in most cases; that’s why we only hire solid team players who are willing to celebrate together, lift each other up, and achieve great things as a group with common goals. 


Our people have one more thing in common: they chose us just as much as we chose them. Anyone on the Pedestal Foods team will tell you they weren’t just looking for any job; they wanted a place where they can grow, thrive and succeed. We’re proud to be that place! 

Think you have a lot in common with our team? We’d love to hear from you. Check out our open positions here.